• "The quality of teaching is good and, at times, outstanding.    Staff provide children with great opportunities to develop their skills across all areas of learning, both indoors and outdoors.   Activities are interesting and challenging, and children learn through their play"    OFSTED report January 2016 

  • "Staff are strongly committed to learn through play and parental involvement"

  • "Many cultures and beliefs being explored and celebrated through interesting and well researched activities"

  • "Excellent interaction throughout the assessment observation"

  • "All staff and parent helpers related well to all children and adults"

  • "Children are not rushed or put under any pressure in anything they do"

  • "The group is very relaxed and well ordered"

  • "A very friendly atmosphere with the staff presenting a good relaxed environment for the children to learn through play, through stimulating activities provided"

  • "It looks like a great Pre-school, go to their facebook page and have a look and share, I would send my little one there if I had one, it looks fantastic"

  • "It looks like an amazing Pre-school, really well equipped, unlike so many others"

  • "I went to their open day. This is a really well resourced centre. I was very impressed"


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