Pre-school Learning Alliance

Each family joining Cannon Lane Pre-school becomes a member of the local Harrow Branch of the Pre-School Learning Alliance. The branch links Pre-schools and mother and toddler clubs in the area and offers various services - bulk-buy stores and regular visits and support from Branch Visitors and Area Organisers. In addition courses are run at the Harrow Colleges of Higher Education where interested parents can share and explore ideas about children’s needs and development.

Parents are welcomed to

  • work in the group with the children
  • assist with fundraising
  • take part in the management of the Pre-school
  • Represent the Pre-school at branch and county activities of the Pre-school Learning Alliance.
  • attend open meetings of the Pre-school Learning Alliance
  • attend training courses, workshops and conferences organised by the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

For further information on the Pre-school Learning Alliance please contact them at:

PSLA, The FitzpatrickBuilding, 188 York Way


N7 9AD

020 7697 2500

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.